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Customization is the process of cultural appropriation means making changes to the applications as per the business requirements of the client.

In other words we can say customization is the process to change something in order to fit the needs or requirements of a person, business, clients etc.

Customization is one of the important and critical technical aspects of OpenERP/Odoo. W
e can understand OpenERP/Odoo inside out and can easily customize it to the requirements of the organization. We solve business problems related to Odoo that resolve issues with growth, productivity, security, scalability and others.


These are the Odoo/OpenERP customization process 


1.) GAP Analysis Gap analysis is a great project management tool for determining an objectives of projects.

When this apply there are always wide arrays of changes that need which is essential to take place. In order to ensure that the business reaches the full potential and energy of the ERP system, a GAP analysis can be done.


2.) Prioritize Business Needs Prioritization means priority of business needs and requirements. which  is the process of managing the relevant importance and urgency of different requirements with the limited resources of projects.

For the business requirements Prioritization is done for two distinct purposes-

  •  Defining Scope
  • Scheduling Implementation

With prioritization, firstly we focus on solving the critical issues  and then move on to the remaining list.


3.) Process Mapping→ Process  management is a step of workflow management to create processes that can be easily accessed and adjusted to increase efficiency of the business management. Process mapping is a process during business transformation.

Business process mapping has become much more prevalent in the business management. Process mapping can be used in every section  of business  transformation. The Four Major Steps of Process Mapping.

  • Process Identification—In  Process identification we understand  all the steps of a process.
  • Information Gathering— In information gathering we identify the objectives, methods and approaches and levels in a process.
  • Interviewing And Mapping—In interviewing and mapping we understand the point of view of individuals in the process and then we design actual maps in process.
  • Analysis—In analysis we utilize the  tools and approaches to make the process more effectively and efficiently.

With a complete map, our expertise can easily identify the problems and also provide solutions to the company.


4.) Custom development After development of pre-custom phases we implement the custom development that take place in an objective manner and related to the business process.

Custom development provides the existing functionality for all business process which is beneficial for custom development. This is the most popular development service related to our products.

In custom Odoo/OpenERP development, we created a feedback of our customers is very convenient for project implementation.

5.) Testing→ Testing can also be used to validate and verifying  a software program or application or product in a process.We can implemented the same characteristics in the process.

Software testing is a process that should be done during the development process.

  • Firstly we customize the core technology.
  • We design and perform data migration.
  • We develop and execute test related to the process.
  • After that we perform integration.

When In Odoo/OpenERP customization testing, we ensures that all requirements are considered→

  • Firstly we initiate it with definition and analysis.
  • After that, we define test scripts for each testing.
  • Then we define external data sets.