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A business integration is used to provide the desired integrated service and includes common information models.

Odoo/OpenERP integration is also the part of Odoo related services.With Odoo/OpenERP integration, we use latest technology and then utilize all internal behaviors and advantages of the company success. It also not only increase the success of business but also provides a successful integration.

These are the steps that are performed during an Odoo ERP Integration

1.) Object Identification→ In object modules, Object identification provides instance that has a unique, unchanging identity.
In object modules, Object Identification is Related to Object Classes information.Object identification provides normal identification as well as assertive properties for business integration.

2.) Data Mapping→ Data mapping is the process to create data element  between two different data models.
Data Mapping provides data transformation or data mediation between a data source and a destination that means it provides a data set values from the data format of a source data system into the data format of a destination data system.

Data mapping is a process in which all the set of data is mapped to the a new integrated components. Data mapping shows how data maps from one information system  to another information system.

3.) Flow validation→ Flow validation is the  procedures that are used together for checking the  product, service The evaluation of a product, service, or system implies with a regulation, requirements, specification, or imposed conditions.

4.) Scenario Based Testing→ Odoo/OpenERP  provides a centralized point of action. The centralized system provides capability to focus on business improvement and data analysis.

Scenario based testing is an activity that cover various components in the system are used as scenario based testing. It describe a situation in which the customer would need to use the product as well as it enumerate the steps in the process, the associated product interactions, and their expectations at each point.