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Migration is an important part for any business. migration is the process of moving from one storage  device to another storage device.
OR we can say that moving data  from one version to another version.Migration  involves moving to new hardware and new software.
In business process, One can migrate data from one kind of database to another kind of database. Then it requires data conversion into some common data format that can be output from the old database and input into the new database.

These are the steps of Odoo/OpenERP Migration

1.) Understanding the existing system In Odoo/OpenERP migration, the first step is to understand the work of the business process, and how can we interact and transfer the data with each other. when we know the work of the system, then we can  move to the next step.

2.) Data extraction In Odoo/OpenERP migration, data extraction is a process where data is analyzed and identified through  relevant information from data sources which is like database . Further data processing is done, which involves adding sub-data and other data integration a in the data workflow process.

In data extraction  we specify the data of the organization so we can  extract it into a different location ad-dons.

3.) Data cleansing In Odoo/OpenERP, data cleansing is the process of removing and correcting an  inaccurate records from a record set or database. In Odoo migration, we used it mainly in databases  to identifying incomplete, inaccurate, irrelevant, etc.
Generally, a database cleaning tool includes programs that are capable of correcting a number of specific type of mistakes or finding duplicate records.

In Odoo/OpenERP Migration, we can use  data cleansing tool to save a database administrator from a significant amount of time and can be fix errors manually.

4.) Field mapping  Field mapping is the process to create data element  between two different data models.Field Mapping provides data transformation or data mediation between a data source and a destination that means it provides a data values from the format of a source data system into the data format of a destination data system.

Field mapping is a process in which all the data is mapped to the a new integrated components.Field mapping shows how data maps from one information system  another information system.

5.) Integrity check→ In Odoo/OpenERP Migration, Integrity of data refers to the  maintenance  and assuring the accuracy and consistency of data and also data integrity  is a critical aspect to the design, which implements and use of any system which stores processes or retrieves data. that is  depend on the specific context for business purpose.after that, we declare the system to be ready for use.