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In business process support system provides service for customers and introduce new generating services. Because it helps service providers to support and increase the operation to enhance the business services in business process.

In Odoo/OpenERP support system, business support systems are used by all service providers which includes mobile, telephone, ticketing system and Email.

There are three important steps in Odoo support system that is  Support, Maintain, and Progress.

  • We support and increase the functionality of the business.
  • Then we maintain the workflow to adapt OpenERP process.
  • Then we can progress in Odoo support system.

These are the support packages which includes in Odoo/OpenERP Support System

1.) Configuration support→  In Odoo/OpenERP support system, configuration system provides some specific processes for establishing and maintain the consistency of the performance of products or services as well as provides attributes with its requirements to manage the workflows of the systems.

2.) Technical support→  In Odoo/OpenERP support system, technical support provides technology for users such as mobile phones, televisions, some software products or other mechanical products.
Generally in Odoo/OpenERP support system, technical support provides services which have some specific problems with a product or service that is the provision of training, customization, or other support services.

In Odoo/OpenERP support system,technical support may be delivered over by e-mail and on a website.

3.) Functional support→  In Odoo/OpenERP support system, functional support provides some operations which support to our consultants and various activities such as management and coordination of objectives in development of new business purpose and project.