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In Training, we develop our skills and knowledge that relate to specific and useful competencies. It has specific goals and objectives to improving our capacity and  performance.

In Odoo/OpenERP training provides an action or system to configure the desired result without disrupting the workplace to solve issues and productivity quickly. Our expert training team provides the essential training to the workforce to understand the requirement of the users.

These are the different aspects of Odoo ERP training program

1.) Functional training→ In Odoo/OpenERP, functional Training provides  the audience on  Odoo platform . whose target at marketing employees to understand the functionality to work efficiently with the system.With the help of the training, many modules such as human resource, manufacturing, Stock, warehouse and Inventory, Project management and many more become easy to the business employees as well as for business purpose.

2.) Technical Training→ Technical training provides some aspects to the partners , developers and integrator who need to increase the knowledge of the Odoo development process. This process is for developers to learn more about the technical aspects of Odoo.
Technical training provides data modules. In Odoo, technical training define existing data models and their reviews. It define computed fields, process values and advanced views.

3.) Administration Training→ In Odoo/OpenERP, business administration training is used for success that is valuable credentials from partners,earning potential, career opportunities and better promotions for anyone who wants to benefit of being able to apply the knowledge and skills of industries and business.
Administration training provides management, marketing, human resources, accounting and finance which specify business strategies. Basically Administrators have to manage the database. In administration training, the business admin can feel confident with their abilities and work productively.

4.) End user training→ In end user training, we will be able to use the system with the responsibilities of training the end users who actually work on the system on the daily basis and it is important for an organization.

5.) Process documentation→ As we know the process documentation is important for the organization. In process documentation, we define priority to confirm the processes that is most important to our clients. Also we identify the people who can help you to understand the areas related with the subject matter experts.also we define the scope of our work.