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Odoo Connector

Odoo/OpenERP Connector is a powerful framework through which one can develop any kind of bi-directional connectors that means communication between Odoo - Open Source ERP and other services or software.

  • Odoo/OpenERP Connector offers a set of building blocks that does not force to a certain implementation.
  • Odoo/OpenERP Connector provides ad-dons for customization. These Odoo ad-dons has a generic and modular core features which provides ability to be extended with additional features for new modules and customization's.

Odoo/OpenERP connectors are not only designed  to connect Odoo with e-commerce but also it is adaptable to connect Odoo with any type of services.

Odoo - Woo-commerce connector→  Woo-commerce Connector is a powerful framework that is used to build any kind of bi-directional connector which communicates between Odoo/Open Source ERP and Woo commerce.
Woo-commerce connector is a modular and generic core which is available with  Odoo/Open source ERP that has capability with extra modules for the latest and  new features and customization's.

Woo-commerce connector is an eCommerce plugin that gives both store developers and owners for complete control and it is built to integrate with WordPress. It manage all necessary operations from Odoo/OpenERP for woo-commerce store.

Odoo - Woo-commerce connector module automates our business processes and remove the need for data entry in Odoo/OpenERP by bi-directional data exchange between Woo-commerce store and Odoo.

Features of Odoo- Woo-commerce Connector

Odoo-Woo-commerce Connector can be managed by multiple e-commerce systems within a single e-commerce system which provides single interface and multiple stores. Also Odoo-Woo-commerce connector provides synchronization in real time which  maintain a set of records instantly. Odoo-Woo-commerce integrated system can be easily deployed on Cloud hosted servers which is a highly scalable and technological solution.
Odoo-woo-commerce connector implements several web services that are required to synchronize woo-commerce with odoo/open source ERP.
In Odoo-woo-commerce connector, plugins provides a set of methods by which we can get list of products, customers, delivery orders and basic details of the categories for a specific product.

  • Support of Multiple websites.
  • Import and Export facility.
  • Import Sales order from Woo-commerce
  • Import and Export of multiple images of products from Woo-commerce.
  • Import of Customers, Shipment and Invoice Address.
  • Export of data and customer activates status to Woo-commerce in real time.
  • Manage their offline processes and online stores.
  • Provides single interface for an overall management.
  • We can manages invoicing and partial deliveries in which seller gives to the buyer.
  • Supports  multi-language, multi-country, multi-currency.
  • Automated updation and synchronization of order, track number, customers, products, inventory levels, status of orders and many more.

Extra we can do Customization and automation of workflows related to incoming shipment and payment methods.

Odoo - Shopify Connector → Odoo-Shopify Connector  provides  integration between Shopify and Odoo/OpenERP .With the integration of Odoo-Shopify, users will be able to synchronize all the products, customers, payment and many more from Shopify to Odoo/OpenERP.
The Shopify Odoo Connector helps to combine the powerful Shopify eCommerce platform with the Odoo/OpenERP. 
Odoo - Shopify Connector module automates our  business processes and remove the need for  data entry in Odoo/OpenERP by  bi-directional data exchange between Shopify and Odoo. This module provides entering items and inventory data from our Odoo instance into Shopify and automatically import Shopify orders and customer data into Odoo/OpenERP.

With odoo - Shopify connector, We can configure Auto workflow settings.  Also we can  configure Auto Invoice & Payment workflow properly before synchronization with Shopify. With Auto workflow setting, user can also decide whether to create auto Invoice and register payment process when Shopify Orders are synchronized with Odoo/open source ERP.

Features of Odoo-Shopify Connector

  • With odoo - Shopify, we can synchronize all our products from Shopify to Odoo.
  • We can sync all our Customers from Shopify to Odoo.
  • All the orders on Shopify can be synchronized from Shopify to odoo.
  • Odoo - Shopify also synchronize  the collection of Shopify from Shopify to Odoo.
  • It can provide payment mapping of Shopify’s payment method and payments of odoo.
  • The manual mapping of currency of Shopify and odoo is done.
  • Seamless Integration.
  • Cross browser compatibility.
  • User friendly and easily configured.
  • If the product has any variants, then all the variants will be imported into odoo.

Odoo - Shopify Connector provides instance to configuration and setup. Also provides multi Shopify instance setup.It synchronize Shopify products with odoo products. Odoo - Shopify Connector can import sales order from Shopify. Also it can export shipping details with tracking process.
Odoo - Shopify Connector create invoice,payment and delivery report in odoo. It can export and update  image, inventory and attributes. also it can import and export as well as update custom collection.

Odoo-eBay Connector→ Odoo-eBay connector  gives us the functionality to  manage the multiple stores in single instance, Also we can manage the product and its price list, we can check whether the product listing is available or not on the eBay store. 

  • With the help of this odoo-eBay connector we can manage the stock and fetch the order from the store.
  • With the integration of  odoo-eBay connector we can provide a complete  sales platform for our clients.

Features of Odoo-eBay Connectors

  • Importing of sales Orders into Odoo from Ebay
  • Updating the status of orders
  • Import and export listing Items.
  • Import and Export stock and prices.
  • List Items with Store Category.
  • Manage one or more web stores and conduct e- commerce.
  • Create and upload product listings from Odoo to eBay.
  • Create template product listings in Odoo.
  • Create invoice in Odoo from eBay orders.
  • Upload Product inventory from Odoo to eBay.
  • Can fill ebay credentials for ebay instances

Magento Connector
→ Odoo- Magento connector is a bi-directional connector that is based on Odoo connector framework which connects the bi directional Odoo connector and Magento connector. 

  • Odoo - Magento connector  framework supports  multi instances,multi currency, multi language and multi warehouse.
  • Odoo - Magento connector is built on top of the Odoo connector with the  efficient and effective features that means it can be modified from the separate service. 
  • Odoo - Magento connector is based on Odoo connectors which can be easily modify from other separate ad-dons.
  • Odoo - Magento connector synchronize the products catalogs, customers, sales orders, invoices and shipments packages.
  • Odoo - Magento connector provides payment workflow automation that depend on the mean of payment such as credit card, payment gateway and possibility to automate the workflows in odoo such as automatic validation, automatic invoice validation.

These validates sales order is retrieved from e-shop by Odoo/OpenERP and generates both logistics and financial workflows that is delivery order and invoice.Then validation of invoice automatically creates accounting entries and stocks are fully managed in Odoo/OpenERP. After that Odoo/OpenERP generates purchase orders and manufacturing orders.

Features of Odoo-Magento Connector

  • Import the products from Magento.
  • Import the Attributes and Attribute Sets.
  • Import the categories of products and customers groups.
  • Import delivery orders from Magento.
  • Export products and services from Odoo to Magento.
  • Export stock levels from Odoo to Magento.
  • Real time updates on the delivery orders status.
  • Updating the status of orders from Odoo to Magento.
  • Multiple Magento store management.
  • Import of payment method.
  • Create the invoices on Magento and get their number back.
  • Export of the the stock quantities, with configuration

Odoo - UPS Connector
→ Odoo-UPS integration  helps us to manage all  shipping process from Odoo. This Odoo-UPS connector provides the tracking number which can be easily updated on the site. UPS connector is compatible with all version of odoo.
In Odoo - UPS connector,
admin can add extra service charges on actual shipping services. Also admin can create multiple combinations of services. Admin can define and update packaging type and shipping method for UPS shipping.

Functionality of Odoo - UPS Connector

  • Odoo - UPS connector provides Both Domestic as well International Service.
  • Odoo - UPS connector provides single abstract service configuration, domestic service and international service configuration in Odoo.

Flow of Odoo - UPS

  • After configuring the UPS Shipping Module,  We will be able to see the UPS Delivery in delivery method list of Sales order option.
  • For using UPS service, We will select customer and then add product in sale order line.
  • After that, We will select UPS delivery as delivery method for the sales order. Then we will update it, will list us the delivery charges.
  • Then,We will click on  Quote to add this delivery charges to the sale order.
  • In Odoo-UPS integration, the user can see the UPS Delivery option in Delivery Method List  before making final payment.

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