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Odoo ERP

Odoo/OpenERP is an open source business application that is covered with all the needs of customer like CRM (customer relationship management), invoicing, point of sale, HR management, instant messaging, inventory management, Fleet management, OpenEduCat for education management and website builder for development of website and ecommerce platforms.
Enterprise resource planning software integrates these various functions Into one functions. It supports multiple functions used by different business units.
Enterprise resource planning is a tool used to integrate the data and processes in an organization into one single system using many components.
Odoo/OpenERP is based on python language and PostgreSQL database. Odoo entails modular design with user friendly “app-store” interface for non developers. If the user is neither a developer nor a programmer and do not have any knowledge about coding and programming, even they can use it easily.

Modules of Odoo

Invoicing Invoicing based on sales order, delivery order and cost human resources. You can analyze invoicing by sales, customer, product, and salesperson.
Create and send professional looking invoices & get paid online. It integrates with other apps to bill automatically based on your activities.

HR management  Odoo/OpenERP provides us HR management module with the functionality to address your HR needs. You can manage human resources by manpower and key skills with the goals of business and organizations. HR management module provides employee management that can store, and access the data of employees. It provides a payroll system to manage payroll of companies. Also you can manage a leave environment. It can create request for leave. It can define approvals for leave to manage a leave environment.

Inventory management Odoo/OpenERP provides an Inventory management as it is double entry revolutionized accounting. It invent the productivity of data which is related with the business unit. Odoo provides the management of sales order and purchase order and the brand of product. In inventory, nothing is lost everything is moved.
In Odoo inventory management products are not missing , even products are moved from one location or place to another location or place. Because Odoo inventory management is not about consumption , any loss and missing products.

CRM management  Customer Relationship Management enables a group of people to manage a leads, opportunities and management. Customer relationship deals with the customers to manage the tasks of a project, opportunities to deals with a projects. It manage key skills such as productions, identifications of a customer.
Manage your sales funnel with no effort. Approach leads, follow-up on activities and meetings. Analyse the quality of your leads to make informed decisions and save time by integrating emails directly into the application.
Create leads automatically from incoming emails. Analyse leads efficiency and compare performance by campaigns, channels or sales team.

POS  Point of sale management solution is for retailers. Point of sale is fully integrated with odoo accounting and inventory management.
It's full integration with the company inventory and accounting, gives you real time statistics and consolidations amongst all shops without the hassle of integrating several applications.

Project management  Odoo/OpenERP provides an essential platform for Project Management. You can create project and manage tasks. Odoo project management module provides a workflow which enables to create projects, add team members, view information about each tasks. You can directly generate billing invoices based on time of tasks through link to the project.Project management module enables user to analyze plans of times, handle and managing tasks.

Instant messaging  You can communicate with each other through the instant messaging (One employee with another). You can use instant messaging to communicate with other persons. It is easy way to communicate with the employees, and other internal users of the system. Instant messaging of Odoo software allows users to chat with each other in real time.

Accounting   Odoo/OpenERP is full featured, web based and the most powerful feature. Odoo/OpenERP accounting software provides excellent features such as analytic and logical accounting, budget management, managing multiple companies accounts in one place at a same time. It creates accounting for sales order, delivery order or based on time. User can set chart of account according to their regions.

Warehousing management and manufacturing management  In warehouse management module you can manage internal location and external location, customers, suppliers, or manufacturing inventories with the Odoo warehouse management system based on activity and location. Odoo/OpenERP also provides manufacturing order and work orders. It can be handled automatically and based on the demands and activities of employees.