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OpenEduCat ERP

OpenEduCat module is a web based open source ERP system designed for educational institute, for efficient management for students, faculties, library, classes, exam, time table, courses that keeps a cooperative platform. It serves with additional features of survey, forum, news portal etc. which makes it a complete package to manage any educational institution.

GenpEX IT Solutions provides OpenEduCat implementation and configuration along with features and modules to enhance logical decision making and productivity.

OpenEduCat module is based on Open Source Services, Web based services and Modularity.

Open Source Services- Open source services gives the ability of the educational institutes to completely customize the applications according to their needs. it modify the source code using the platform.

1.) OpenEduCat has no license cost, no restrictions and no vendor lock-in.

2.) OpenEduCat has availability of source code.

Web Based Services- Web based services is an essential feature of OpenEduCat module. with web based interface, users have accessibility which improves the productivity of users. It provides manageable key features with customization and approach to using the platform.

1.) OpenEduCat provides greater accessibility.

2.) OpenEduCat is platform independent.

3.) It offers manageable features.

4.) It improves communication and coordination.

Modularity- With modularity, we can improve each functionality and used in other platforms. OpenEduCat provides easier upgrades ,great adaptability to the different set of tools.

1.) OpenEduCat provides greater adaptability and better structure.

2.) OpenEduCat provides unique features for up-gradation and re-usability.

Core features of OpenEduCat Module-

  • Student Management- OpenEduCat  module provides a prime approach to manage students through the student management system. It facilitates storing all the information's related to students.
  • Faculty Management- With OpenEduCat, faculties can improve controls and different aspects of teaching the students. Also provides the protection and experience of something. With HR management, faculty management system gives  information related to faculty such as degree, skills and payroll of the faculty.
  • Course Management- In course management system, we can add informations such as subject name, subject code, section,evaluation type, payment term and parent course and many other terms.
  • Enrollment Management- With the OpenEduCat Enrollment, institutes can easily manage the enrollment process of the students. Students are essential part of any institute and making the enrollment process completely transparent, institutes can directly engage with students.
  • Exam Management- In exam management, We can add services like Upload, Update and Delete of Questions. We can upload questions topic wise and choose the difficulty level. If needed we can modify a particular question.
  • Financial Management- In OpenEduCat module, financial management maintains constant funds of Educational Institutes. From the student admissions to faculty salary payment, there are numerous important financial transaction that take place within an educational institute.

Essential features of OpenEduCat module-

  •  Application Management- It is the process of managing the maintenance, updation and up-gradation of knowledge which is vital part for a person in growing ages. Application management provides assignment management to check knowledge of a student at a regular intervals.
  •  Payment Management- In OpenEduCat module,  payment management system accept invoice, sales receipts, processes them as well as delivers them. OpenEduCat provides billing module and purchase management module for control of the payment process. In payment management system, online billing creates an invoice as well as track payments whereas purchase management module offers purchase orders, order receipts and supplier invoices.